This workshop aims at bringing together research and practitioners from academia and industry to present and discuss on-going projects that take or can take advantage of hybrid computing systems. This includes computational systems that include a mix of traditional CPUs (either many-core or multi-core) and/or GPUs and FPGAs and even ASICs.

HardCloud: The HARP as an OpenMP Acceleration Device
Ciro Ceissler, Ramon Nepomuceno and Guido Araujo (UNICAMP)

Collision Detection Acceleration using the HARP Architecture
Fredy Alves (UFV)

Acceleration of Gene Regulatory Networks on a Heterogeneous CPU-FGPA Platform
Ricardo Ferreira (UFV)

CGRA Overlays on the HARP CPU-FPGA Architecture
Jeronimo Penha and Lucas Bragan├ža (UFV)