Accepted papers

Applications track (6 papers)

1) Shijie Zhou and Viktor Prasanna, Accelerating Graph Analytics on CPU-FPGA Heterogeneous Platform

2) Miguel Areias and Ricardo Rocha, Towards a Lock-Free, Fixed Size and Persistent Hash Map Design

3) Wilson de Carvalho, Guilherme Andrade, Renan Carvalho, Millas Násser, Renato Utsch, Pedro Caldeira, Leonardo Rocha and Renato Ferreira, Exploring heterogeneous mobile architectures with a high-level programming model

4) Guilherme Andrade, George Teodoro and Renato Ferreira, Online Multimedia Similarity Search with Response Time-Aware Parallelism and Task Granularity Auto-Tuning

5) Jairo Panetta, Paulo R. P. Souza Filho, Luiz A. F. Laranjeira and Carlos A. Teixeira Junior, Scalability of CPU and GPU Solutions of the Prime Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithm Problem

6) José Ignacio Aliaga, Ernesto Dufrechou, Pablo Ezzatti and Enrique S. Quintana-Orti, Overcoming Memory-Capacity Constraints in the Use of ILUPACK on Graphics Processors

Architecture track (4 papers)

7) Ricardo Alves, Nikos Nikoleris, Stefanos Kaxiras and David Black-Schaffer, Addressing Energy Challenges in Filter caches

8) Qixiao Liu, Miquel Moreto, Jaume Abella, Francisco Cazorla and Mateo Valero, SEDEA: A Sensible Approach to Account DRAM Energy in Multicore System

9) Alejandro Valero, Francisco Candel, Salvador Petit, Darío Suárez-Gracia and Julio Sahuquillo, Exploiting Data Compression to Mitigate Aging in GPU Register Files

10) Rafael Auler and Edson Borin, The case for flexible ISAs: unleashing hardware and software

Distributed Systems track (6 papers)

11) João Paulo de Araujo, Luciana Arantes, Elias P. Duarte Jr., Luiz A. Rodrigues and Pierre Sens, A Scalable Publish/Subscribe System Using Causal Broadcast Over Dynamically Built Spanning Trees

12) Carlos Gomez, Harold Castro and Carlos Varela, Global snapshot of a distributed system running on virtual machines

13) Arthur Loussert, Benoit Welterlen, Patrick Carribault, Marc Perache and Raymond Namyst, Resource-Management Study in HPC Runtime-Stacking Context

14) Maicon Dos Santos, André Du Bois and Gerson Cavalheiro, Evaluation of a scheduling framework for BoT applications on private clouds

15) Gilles Madi Wamba, Yunbo Li, Anne-Cécile Orgerie, Nicolas Beldiceanu and Jean-Marc Menaud, Cloud workload prediction and generation models

16) Thouraya Louati, Heithem Abbes, Christophe Cérin and Mohamed Jemni, GC-CR: A Decentralized Garbage Collector Component for Checkpointing in Clouds

Software track (7 papers)

17) Rafael Sousa, Marcio Pereira, Fernando Pereira and Guido Araujo, Data Coherence Analysis and Optimization for Heterogenous Computing

18) Borja Pérez, Esteban Stafford, Jose Luis Bosque, Ramon Beivide, Sergi Mateo, Xavier Teruel, Xavier Martorell and Eduard Ayguadé, Extending OmpSs for OpenCL kernel co-execution in heterogeneous systems

19) Eran Gilad, Tehila Mayzels, Elazar Raab, Mark Oskin and Yoav Etsion, Towards a Deterministic Fine-grained Task Ordering using Multi-Versioned Memory

20) Flávia Pisani, Jeferson Rech Brunetta, Vanderson Martins Do Rosario and Edson Borin, Beyond the Fog: Bringing Cross-Platform Code Execution to Constrained IoT Devices

21) Daniel Nemirovsky, Tugberk Arkose, Nikola Markovic, Mario Nemirovsky, Osman Unsal and Adrian Cristal, A Machine Learning Approach for Performance Prediction and Scheduling on Heterogeneous CPUs

22) Gustavo José Sousa and Alexandro José Baldassin, FGSCM: A Fine-Grained Approach to Transactional Lock Elision

23) Mohammad Laghari and Didem Unat, Object Placement for High Bandwidth Memory Augmented with High Capacity Memory