SBAC-PAD 2019 PhD Forum & Student Mentoring Program


The first annual SBAC-PAD PhD Forum event will hold poster presentations by students working toward a PhD in broadly defined areas related to high-performance and distributed computing. In addition, there will be a broader, enhanced program to include several lunch-time sessions to provide the student participants coaching in scientific writing and presentation skills.

Participating students will have the opportunity to both present their research work and interact with senior academic and industry people in an informal setting. In addition, there will be mentoring sessions to help students improve communication skills, obtain valuable information for career planning, get familiar with a few of the trendy research topics, and make valuable contacts – all while enjoying the SBAC-PAD main conference and many associated workshops. The program culminates with a poster presentation, where students have the opportunity to practice what they learned and disseminate their work to the broader SBAC-PAD audience.

The Student Research Program will be scheduled so that the participating students can follow all the main scientific and social events of the conference, and it is open to all students, including the authors of papers presented at the conference.



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Day Time Activity
Tuesday Lunchtime Workshop on poster presentation skills (training for the poster session)
Tuesday Afternoon coffee break Poster Session
Wednesday Morning coffee break Poster Session
Wednesday Lunchtime Seminar on writing papers and presenting
Wednesday Afternoon coffee break Poster Session
Thursday Lunchtime Panel on research and career planning (academia, research labs, industry)


Workshop on poster presentation skills offers a chance for everyone to give a 3 minute teaser talk about their poster and gain feedback from both the mentors and their peers. The goal is to be positive about the poster and provide constructive comments on both the poster material organization as well as the quick presentation to help presenters be better at summarizing their work and using that teaser talk to engage with the audience in more detailed discussions.

Seminar on paper writing and presentation skills is a discussion about what makes a great research paper and presentation. The basic idea is to understand the essence that all good papers and presentations contain and how to incorporate that into your own work.

Panel on research and career planning will include representatives from academia, research laboratories (non-industry), and industry. After a short presentation from each about what their job entails and why you might consider it, attendees are open to ask any questions to help guide what decision is the right one for them. While this is career focused, other topics, such as lifestyle and side effects of the career choices on their personal life are welcomed.

Students are encouraged to engage with conference attendees during the paper sessions, and scheduling of student events supports this. Making connections that help incorporate attendees into the community is an important additional goal. To facilitate this process, forum mentors will make appropriate introductions for student participants.

Information for PhD Forum Poster Presenters

We suggest that poster sizes be 32x40 inches (or 80x100cm) – see below. Student presenters are warmly encouraged to prepare professional rolled up posters, in contrast with a mosaic of small slides to post. The poster should preferably be printed with a high-quality device. Poster holders will be provided for mounting your poster.

Poster Guidelines

Some basic guidelines on how to organize your poster include:


Write to Arthur Lorenzon or Flávia Pisani Any questions should be addressed to both chairs to ensure the quickest response.